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Simyon Cherniavski Simyon Cherniavski, owner of Canada Trust Driving School brings extensive experience, knowledge and professional etiquette to the school. His value for teaching is evident through his teaching style, techniques and the enlightened atmosphere he maintains. In addition to his experience, he completed courses and continuously upgrades his knowledge in order to ensure his teaching material is up-to-date. He brings his admiration for the field and his extensive experience acquired throughout his lifetime to this school, and hopes to help, inform and advance future students with similar interests. Over 25 years of experience providing driving instructions to our community has made us a leader in our field. Driver education instructors have up to date knowledge and practices.Our teachers are Advanced driving instructors and in-class certified instructors. Canada Trust Driving Instructors Driving instructors must have a license in the class of driving they wish to teach, a clean driving history and strong communication skills. Normally, province requires driving instructors to take driver safety courses and complete a provincial instructor licensing program. Appropriate Driver’s License Prospective driving instructors should have a driver’s license in the province where they wish to practice. They must not have a license suspended or revoked in any other province, nor must they have had a license suspended or revoked within the past two years. Additionally, Canada Trust driving instructors must understand these classifications and hold a license for the class of vehicle in which their expertise lies.

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