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BZ License Training

Class B bus training programs

To drive a school bus in Ontario, you need either a B or an E Class licence.

Class B licence lets you:

  • drive a school bus with seating for more than 24 passengers
  • drive vehicles covered by C, D, E, F and G class licences

Our Packages

Class B License Preparation: $1000 + HST

This package is designed for the applicants who are interested to prepare for the road test cost effectively and in a short amount of time. It includes:

-7.5 Hours of individual training on the vehicle

-Rent of the vehicle for the road test

-Vehicle is provided for the road test 

*This Package does not include Air Brake Endorsement and School Bus Driving Improvement Courses

BZ Ministry approved program: $3777

This program is designed for complete training and preparation of the applicant for entering the work force. The program offers a wide variety of skill trainings and certificates that makes the applicant a competitive applicant for employers. It includes:

-8 Hours of automatic transmission training

-6 Hours of manual transmission training 

-2 times providing vehicle for the road test and booking

-Training on Bus simulator

-7 Certificates by the end of program

The certificates included are: Air Brake Endorsement, Air Brake Adjustment, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Hours of Service, Border Crossing, Defensive Driving Course, and Class B Diploma.

We also provide an Advanced Bus, Car and Truck Driving Simulator for our students

BZ course trains students on an Automatic Transmission. In-bus training gives the student hands on practical learning in the environment to which they will operate on a daily basis. Course content will introduce the student to large vehicles and the practical applications involved in the safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle. Persons with an Ontario class BZ license are licensed to drive any school bus vehicle, as well as any vehicle Class CZ, DZ, E or F license.

Theoretical Courses

School Bus Driver Improvement Course (SBDIC)

Course Description

This course is a “Ministry – Approved School Bus Driver Improvement Course” that meets the requirements of applicants for a B or E class driver’s license. In this one day course, participants will discover the legislative regulations and requirements, characteristics of a defensive bus driver, steps and techniques in the development of defensive school bus drivers.

Who Should Attend?

Any person requiring the completion of a defensive driving course to obtain their B or E class license.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, graduates will be able to:

  • Understand HTA and O’Reg. specific to school buses.
  • Understand Operator and driver responsibilities under the legislation.
  • Understand how to perform proper vehicle inspections as required under the legislation.
  • Understand the Hours of Service regulations.
  • Understand the characteristics that make a good defensive driver.
  • Understanding factors that would influence your ability to be a good defensive driver.
  • Understanding vehicle dynamics.
  • Understanding vehicle braking systems.
  • Understanding the adjustments required for natural changes in nature.
  • Understanding the adjustments required in the changes of weather.
  • Understanding the adjustments required for traffic and road conditions.
  • Understanding the need to be aware of blind spots and danger zones that are common to school buses.
  • Understanding the ABC’s of a defensive driver.
  • Understanding the proper procedures to follow regarding passengers.
  • Understanding the safety equipment requirements.
  • Understanding proper emergency procedures.
  • Format:
    Interactive classroom instruction.

    Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive an approved MTO registered certificate.

Air Brake Endorsement Course “Z”

This course is designed to provide students with complete and thorough knowledge of the air brake system. Students will be able to identify all of the air brake components and ensure that they are in proper working order. It is mandatory for the operator of an air brake equipped vehicle to have a “Z” endorsement in their license.

Acquired Certificate
  • Air Brake Endorsement Certificate from the Ontario Safety League.

Pratical Training 1:1

Class ‘B’- Bus Training on Automatic Transmission

B- Training on Automatic Transmission. The course includes 45 minutes in-bus training. The in-bus training provides the student hands on practical learning in the environment to which they will operate on a daily basis. Course content will introduce the student to large vehicles and the practical applications involved in the safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle. This course is great for people who enjoy working with children, have a full G license and a good driving record. The Course teaches students to:

  • Have good customer service and communication skills (must have no criminal convictions).
  • Safely drive students to and from school, which includes performing daily vehicle circle check safety inspections, documenting and reporting according to school and government regulations.
  • Comply with all company and government regulations, laws and policies.
  • Communicate clearly.
  • Interact with parents, school employees, passengers and the public in a courteous, professional manner as required.
Bus for a Road Test on Automatic Transmission

Our school offers a Bus with Automatic transmission for a student’s Road Test. Persons with an Ontario class BZ license drive any bus vehicle , including class CZ, DZ, E or F licensed vehicle. A class B-Z license is needed to drive any school purpose bus having more than twenty-four (24) seats.