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At Canada Trust Driving School, we bring you a team of highly experience commercial vehicle trainers that can prepare you not only for achieving your commercial license, but to be effective and safe operators as commercial drivers. 

Our instructors provide lessons in English, Russian, Persian (Iranian) and Urdu to accommodate our students and ensure they are fully prepared to become professional drivers. 

Our Team



With more than 30 years of experience with heavy machinery, Naser adds a new perspective to the school. His passion for teaching shows through his teaching method and integrity. He is known among his students for his patience, calmness and encouraging demeanor.



Andrei’s dedication and conviction to the training of the students has been highlighted through his years of experience as a commercial driver trainer.


Meet Manny, a seasoned professional with comprehensive knowledge of MTO regulations and the Highway Traffic Act. With extensive experience as both an instructor and a signing authority, he’s your go-to expert for all things transportation-related.


From teaching Air Brake Endorsement as a certified OSL signing authority, to preparing new and experienced drivers for their upcoming pre-employment road tests, Farrukh has been influenced many of the new young workforce of truck drivers.


Alex has been in the industry both as a driver and a trainer for over 20 years. As a veteran in the field, his experience with variety of equipment and machinery has helped hundreds of students start successful careers in various parts of the industry.

Canada Trust Driving Instructors

Driving instructors must have minimum 5 years of insured experience in the class of driving they wish to teach, a clean driving history and strong communication skills. Normally, province requires driving instructors to take driver safety courses and complete a provincial instructor licensing program.

Appropriate Driver’s License

Prospective driving instructors should have a driver’s license in the province where they wish to practice. They must not have a license suspended or revoked in any other province, nor must they have had a license suspended or revoked within the past two years. Additionally, Canada Trust driving instructors must understand these classifications and hold a license for the class of vehicle in which their expertise lies.

Canada Trust Driving School