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CZ License Training

Class C bus training programs

To drive an ambulance or a regular, non-school bus in Ontario, you need either a Class C or F license.

Class C license lets you:

  • drive a coach bus with seating for more than 24 passengers
  • drive vehicles covered by D, F and G class licenses

Our Packages

Class C License Preparation: $1200 + HST

This package is designed for the applicants who are interested to prepare for the road test cost effectively and in a short amount of time. It includes:

8 Hours of individual training on the vehicle

-Rent of the vehicle for the road test

*This package does not include Air Brake Endorsement

Air Brake Endorsement Course “Z”

This course is designed to provide students with complete and thorough knowledge of the air brake system. Students will be able to identify all of the air brake components and ensure that they are in proper working order. It is mandatory for the operator of an air brake equipped vehicle to have a “Z” endorsement in their license.

Acquired Certificate
  • Air Brake Endorsement Certificate from the Ontario Safety League.
Canada Trust Driving School