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It is a registered  Private Career College  under the Private Career College Act, 2015

Commercial Truck Driver Training Standard (Class A)
4 Weeks Program ( Monday to Friday)
58 Hours Vehicle Training
46 Hours In class Training
2 Road Test

Air Brake Endorsment Course “Z”

List the core knowledge
competencies of the successful student.
(Complete the statement: The graduate will know that: … )
1. Harmful conditions or circumstances exist in this career and it is important to
contribute to the safe and efficient planning of a trip
2. Documentation plays an important role in the movement of goods
3. Inspection of a Tractor-Trailer
is a safety priority
4. Driving a tractor-trailer safely and using defensive driving skills under normal
operating conditions
will be a reliable method for reducing accidents
5. Handling equipment and its security in accordance with applicable laws/regulations
must be
6. Communication in a variety of ways is required by the company
7. Operating air brake systems safely is a necessity

Minimum admission requirements for private career college programs: An Ontario Secondary School
Diploma or equivalent or mature student (at least 18 years of age) who has successfully completed an approved qualifying test. Section 23(4) of
Private Career Colleges Act, 2005
allows the Superintendent to set other minimum academic requirements as a condition of program

Canada Trust Driving School