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Курсы по безопасности вождения

В качестве Лиги безопасности Онтарио и частного карьерного колледжа, одобренного MTO, мы предлагаем разнообразные курсы по безопасности для сертификации, улучшения и обновления знаний водителей на дороге. 

Индоссамент на воздушный тормоз - $300

Welcome to Canada Trust Driving School, your premier destination for specialized truck training and comprehensive air brakes endorsement courses in Toronto. Our focused Z License program is tailored to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required for operating and maintaining air brake systems effectively.

Our meticulously crafted curriculum covers all aspects of the air brakes endorsement course, preparing you thoroughly for both the knowledge and practical tests. By the conclusion of the program, you’ll possess the confidence and expertise needed to conduct thorough inspections of your vehicle’s brake system, ensuring its roadworthiness and safety compliance.

Upon successful completion of our program, you’ll obtain the Ontario “Z” Air Brakes License, a valuable credential that enhances your professional profile and opens doors to new opportunities in the trucking industry.

Регулировка пневматического тормоза - $210

Our “Air Brake Adjustment” Course, as part of our specialized truck training programs, certifies drivers to legally adjust the s-cam Air Brake System, ensuring compliance with regulations and enhancing safety on the road. Our certification, licensed by the Ontario Safety League, holds significant value for both individuals and their future employers.

Current legislation mandates that only certified mechanics or individuals who have successfully passed a written and practical exam are permitted to adjust the s-cam Air Brake System. By enrolling in our seminar, you’ll gain the expertise and certification necessary to meet these regulatory requirements and contribute to the safe operation of commercial vehicles.

Join us for this essential training opportunity and elevate your skills in “Air Brake Adjustment.” Contact us today to register for our upcoming seminar and take the next step in advancing your truck training and career prospects.

Профессиональный курс повышения водительского мастерства (PDIC) - $210

The Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) is an established, proven program designed to produce fewer company-vehicle collisions, less absenteeism due to injuries. The course’s aim is to teach the techniques of defensive driving and promote a positive attitude toward the task. Learners are taught about vehicle care and inspections, fuel efficiency and the environment, the role of the driver and of other road users, intersections, load distribution and preparing for various road conditions.

Курс повышения квалификации водителей школьных автобусов (SBDIC) - $210

Welcome to our Ministry Approved School Bus Driver Improvement Course, essential for applicants seeking their class B or E driver’s license. In just one day, participants delve into legislative regulations, defensive driving skills, and techniques tailored to school bus drivers. Enhance your expertise in School Bus Training and Driver Improvement with us. Register now to advance your skills and secure your School Bus License.

Hours Of Service (Logbook) - $180

Our specialized program is tailored for drivers in the transportation industry. It covers essential topics such as Hours of Service regulations, Logbook management, and Truck Driver Training.

Our online Commercial Vehicle Drivers’ Hours of Service course ensures compliance with Canada’s Federal Hours of Service regulations (SOR/2005-313). Gain insights into daily logs, driver requirements, exemptions, daily limits, emergency allowances, and driving conditions.

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